Sunday, July 29, 2007

Leecy T and her sparkler!
All done! That was fun!
Fun in the wagon with Bruce!

Leecy T is getting to be so grown up!!! She has such a great vocabulary and a fantastic sense of humor! She always makes us laugh!

Lainey climbing the stairs!

Lainey bug climbing the stairs!
Look at me!
She is pretty dang quick!

Madelaine Grace sure loves the stairs now! Luckily we have a gate to block her from climbing them herself, but she sure loves it when we let her climb!
She is so sweet and is growing up way too quickly!

Pioneer Day 2007!

Mommy and her girls!
Lainey enjoying the fireworks!
Leecy and the hamster she affectionaly renamed "ratatouille"
Daddy and his girls!
Leecy loving Jaden! So sweet!

We had a fun 24th of July (I'm not sure why the pictures say the 23rd!) that began with the parade in Ogden, followed by a visit to Katchie and Jeff's new home to help them paint, and then we did some fireworks with some of the extended family. The girls had a very busy day! They were definately exhausted by the time it was over!
It sure makes us grateful for all that our ancestors did for us and that we can be a part of this glorious gospel in these latter days!