Friday, January 14, 2011

A few fall memories.....

Instead of completely overwhelming all of you with our mass quantities of pictures, I put together a few collages of some of our favorite autumn memories. Autumn in Memphis is absolutely beautiful, and by far my favorite season of the year! To view the images larger just click on the collage! :)

In October we were able to visit this fun place with lots of friends and wander around the grounds. These people here in town offer there yard (which is ginormous!) to the public and welcome people to come and wander and see all of there various paraphernalia. They have old train cars, beautiful foliage and other miscellaneous things! The kids had a blast searching for lady bugs, checking out (and pretending to drive) the train, and visiting with friends!

For one of our Family Home Evening's in October we took a trip with Granny and Grampy to a small local pumpkin patch where we let the kids each pick out a little mini pumpkin and to take some fun and festive pictures! The kids had fun and despite my foot being attacked by fire ants (I guess that's what I get for wearing sandals in late October!) we had a great time!

Our Halloween celebrations were plentiful this year with buckets full of candy! We were able to attend Granny and Grampy's trunk or treat as well as our own wards and we took the kids trick or treating as well. The girls, as usual, exerted their vivid imaginations and chose very unique costume ideas. :) Aleece opted to be Nessa Rose from Wicked. Nessa Rose is the Wicked Witch of the East prior to becoming wicked. The dress Aleece is wearing is her "party" dress from Wicked's ballroom scene. Madelaine chose to be Medusa this year. She became acquainted with this character after watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and was adamant that this was who she wanted to be, as was Aleece. I made their costumes (don't look too close! :) ) and they turned out better than I anticipated, considering I had no patterns to follow! The girls (who happen to be sugar connoisseurs :) had a blast trick or treating and participating in all of the games and crafts!

The boys are still young enough that they will wear whatever I put them in! :) So Lennon went as Tin Man (we love the Wizard of Oz in our house!) and really caught on to the concept of Halloween this year! Once he realized if he said Trick or Treat, he would get candy, we went crazy racing from one place to another! Every time a piece of candy was placed in his bucket he would squeal and it literally made us laugh every single time. It's so fun to see the magic of these moments through your children's eyes! He also loved the games, especially bowling, which he is VERY passionate about! :) Harrison, who just happens to be the happiest baby EVER, went as a lobster and was good natured (as always) and let us carry him around in a big pot, just for a few photo ops!

We are so glad that Granny and Grampy now live in the same town so that we can celebrate so many fun events with them! The kids absolutely adore them and they sure do make everything more fun!

I still have probably a zillion more pictures to organize, but I am getting there slowly but surely. So forgive me for posting pictures 6 months past when they were taken but they are just too cute not to share and we have had many fun adventures over the past half year that we don't want to forget anytime soon! My resolution is off to a good start, now let's see if I can keep it up! :)

Friday, January 07, 2011


Okay, so I've been a bit(a lot!) distant in the blogging world! goal is to try and blog at least once a week this year! I felt like I got so far behind last year that it just got too intimidating! But my hope is to slowly incorporate photos from the past 6 months as well as filling ya'll in on our current endeavors! I'm excited to see what 2011 has to offer and to (try) and get back my blogging mojo! :)