Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delta Fair 2009

We went to the Delta Fair for the first time last year and couldn't wait to go again when it rolled into town this September. There is just something about the whole fair atmosphere....the smells, the sights, the rides, the food.....that makes you want to come back again and again. The kids loved the kiddie rides and I loved watching their sweet faces take everything in! I also thoroughly enjoyed the yummy funnel cake that my sweet husband allowed us to splurge on!

Lainey, Lennon and Daddy trapped in Davy Jones Locker! :)

Mr. Lennon and Daddy

Lainey being silly (as usual!)

Leecy T and Daddy watching the monkey show.

The crazy, acrobatic monkeys!

Me and my sweet boy!

These little guys were adorable! Baby pigs are the cutest!

Leecy T and Lainey bug LOVING the petting zoo!

Lainey's approach with the animals--give 'em a BIG hug!

Leecy's approach was a little more gentle!

She seriously thought every single one was her instant friend! It was too cute!

Leecy feeding the alpaca!

Riding the dragon ride with Dad!

This is Val's "I can handle any adult ride, but put me in a spinning dragon and I think I'm going to vomit" look! :) Better him than me!

The crocodile ride! Such cute sisters!

What a sweet face!

All smiles! (Despite the ear infections we found out they had later that week!)

The love of my life!

How did we get so lucky?!

Riding the BIG slide! All by herself! She is so grown up!!!

We'll see you again next year Delta Fair!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Golden Birthday!

So, I am WAY behind when it comes to blogging! September was a LONG month, but we survived it! Hallelujah!!!
My "golden" birthday was on the 29th of August and it was incredible! About 2 days before my birthday, one of my good friends called to see if I wouldn't mind watching her kids for a short time, because her and her husband's church meeting's overlapped. Of course I said yes, because I think her children are wonderful and I headed over later that evening. What I was not expecting was for my younger sister Katchie to open the door! What an awesome surprise! I, of course, started crying, and didn't realize for quite some time that a whole room of my friends was also there waiting to surprise me! We had delicious food and great company! They spoiled me and sent me home with gifts, which I greatly appreciated! It's so nice to have such good friends!
I was beyond ecstatic to have Katchie there! I don't get to see my sisters nearly often enough anymore and I treasure any moment I get to spend with them! The next day we got to hang out, go shopping and visit! All things I love to do! Little did I know that there would be another surprise! Val went to go the store to pick up a few things, only to return with my youngest sister MaryRose! How cool is that? I was not expecting that at all and was truly spoiled to have them visit for my birthday! For my birthday, we went to CiCi's for lunch---a family favorite from when we lived in Texas. Fond memories from our childhood! Then we all headed to the zoo, which was a blast! I love the zoo and it was fun to have all of us together! We got some great pictures! See for yourself! :)

What cute little bees!

Feeding the birds.... (they freaked Katch out a bit!) :)

Sweet Leecy T--future veterinarian

Me, Val, Lainey, Lennon and MaryRose

Mr. Lennon loved the birds!

Me and Leecy

Katchie and Lainey bug

I love when he does this! :)

MaryRose, Lennon, Lainey, Val, Katchie and Leecy

Me and my sweet kids

My cute family!

Sisters (notice the arm out Patty--you were here in spirit!)
We enjoyed a nice dinner at home and I was spoiled with far too many gifts! I received several books I was wanting (all of which have been read now--and they were all great!), some cute new maternity clothes, gift cards---which allowed me to get several things I really needed! Thank you to my sweet parents and in-laws, siblings and husband and children! I am so very blessed to have such an amazing family and friends!
MaryRose had to leave the day after my birthday and Katchie the day after that. Our time was short, but so well enjoyed! We need to do it more often! We wish Patty could have joined us, but she was definitely in our thoughts!
As a side note, apparently I was the only one who wasn't aware of all of the secret planning going on! Even my bishop knew ahead of time! Thanks for all of the surprises and for being so wonderful everyone! You made my day incredibly special and I am forever grateful for all that you do!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

It's a boy! We couldn't be happier to add another sweet boy to our family!

I wish I could say the girls reaction was a good one when they first found out. They were sure this baby was a girl! However there were a few tears shed. Luckily their tears didn't last long and they are 100% on board with bringing a baby brother home in a few months! :) We are excited for Lennon to have a little brother to love (beat up on?) :) We have so enjoyed watching the girls develop their relationship and they are the best of friends. We hope the boys will have that same bond! We love our children so very much and can't wait for our family to become a family of 6!