Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy 4th Bday Leecy T

Our sweet Leecy T turned four today! I can still recall every detail of her entering this world and don't know how the time passed so quickly! She has truly blessed our lives in every way imaginable and we are so honored to be her parents. She is a wonderful big sister, an amazing daughter, a music lover, an animal expert, a movie connoisseur and so much more! She is so smart and she makes us proud every day. We love her so very much and look forward to the coming year to see what new things she will accomplish! We love watching her grow and learn and know that she will succeed in all that she does! Happy birthday baby girl! We love you forever!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Shower

My cute visiting teachers, Natalie and Jamie, threw me a baby shower last week for the impending arrival of baby boy Moore! We played games, ate lots of yummy food, opened presents and visited. It was a wonderful evening and I appreciated so much everything the wonderful women who attended did! I recieved some really nice gifts, including clothing, diapers, blankets and more! We are excited to be able to use all of them!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am thrilled to be able to say that Lainey made it all the way through nursery today by herself! Val dropped her off and she made it to the end! Hooray! This was one of our big goals before the new baby got here, and we made it! Also Aleece was the spotlight child today in primary and we are so thankful that she loves it so much! She loves her teachers, the songs, everything! It was a hard transition for her to go to nursery and then her first week into Sunbeams, but she loves every second she is in primary now! We are so blessed to be a part of the gospel in these latter days and to have such wonderful programs as nursery and primary!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh Baby!!!

So I have decided that I can no longer feel sorry for myself in my last month of pregnancy for feeling and looking so huge. Val was kind enough to share this article with me and it blew me away! God bless this woman for what she went through! It makes me extra thankful that I have blessed with good pregnancies, and nothing out of the ordinary like this! Here is the link!

Oh baby!

Leecy T's 4th Birthday Party

Leecy T had her 4th birthday party (Sleeping Beauty themed) yesterday and it was a big hit! She was so excited for it all week and she was not disappointed! Her guests included most of her primary class from church and they all seemed to have a good time. The kids got to make a craft--a princess crown for the girls and a shield for the boys. They ate lunch, played Pin the Rose/Spinning Wheel on Aurora, opened gifts, and had cake! Aleece loved all of her wonderful gifts and had so much fun playing with her friends. We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful community and to have the friendships we do! Here are some picture collages of yesterdays events! (Note: Click on them to enlarge!) Enjoy!

Opening presents.....

Fun activities.....

The guests!

What a great day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Here are some videos of the girls singing. The first one is them singing "I am a child of God". This is both of their favorite songs. Obviously Aleece is a typical almost four year old as she goes from her falsetto to no singing and then back to normal. She loves to ham it up for the camera. The second video is of Lainey singing the theme song to "Indiana Jones". All you have to do is say his name or show her a picture and she chimes in with her theme song music! It is really cute and funny! Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The incredible expanding woman.....

Well, you asked for it! Here is a picture of me at almost 37 weeks. When I saw the picture myself, I was literally speechless! How could I possibly be this big with three weeks to go??? I've looked at pictures since, of me, on the day I went into labor with Lainey, and I wasn't even close to being this huge! The funny thing is I've only gained 11 lbs so far and this little boy I know weighs at least six of those!! So how is it that I look like I am carrying twins or even triplets? You know they say the camera adds ten pounds, but I'm hoping it adds more like 50!!! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the man of the house....

As we have celebrated Father's Day today, it has gotten me thinking quite a bit. I am so thankful for my own father, and the example he has been to me my whole life. He has always been there when we needed him and he has always given us his unconditional love and support. I know that because of him I looked for specific qualities in my own husband. I am so grateful to have Val in my life. He has been my rock throughout our marriage and has been the best husband and father a woman could ask for. A lot of people wonder how we ended up together, being as different as we are, but that is why is work so well together. We complement each other's personalities so well. Val is eccentric. There is no getting around it. But I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. It definitely makes our lives more exciting! :) I love that he has taught our daughters that it is okay to be unique. I wouldn't trade my Indiana Jones loving, Beatles singing, Ipod listening little girls for anything in the world! I love that he has instilled a love of the gospel in our daughters. They both love to hear stories about Joseph Smith, the Nephites, Jesus, it doesn't really matter who--they are always enthralled with whatever story he tells them. And not only that, but he can make up stories at the drop of a hat. The girls absolutely adore when he does this! I love that he has taught our daughters a love of music--not just one type of music, but a love of all music. I love that he teaches our daughters right from wrong, and that he likes to tease and be silly with them too. There are so many qualities that make him a great father--it isn't just one specific thing that makes him so wonderful. I am so grateful to have a husband who honors his priesthood and makes sure the Spirit is felt in our home. I am so grateful for him on this day and every other day and I want him to know how very much I love him. Happy Father's Day sweetie!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When I grow up....

Aleece has been asking us lately what we want to be when we grow up. At first she said she was going to be a doctor, so that she could help people, but then her Aunt Mary suggested she be an animal doctor and she thought this was the coolest idea ever! She loves animals, no matter the kind, or how nice they are! She asked me what I wanted to be and I told her I love my job as mommy and she thought about it for a second and then informed me that I could be a zookeeper when I grow up too and she has informed her Granny and Lainey bug that they can be animal nurses. Daddy gets to be a firefighter. Apparently she has her mind made up, so if any of you need any help determining what it is you are going to be when you grow up, just ask Aleece!

Madelaine has developed a new love for drawing and coloring recently. She is so content to sit with a piece of paper and a pen and draw pictures. However, she can also climb onto just about anything, so she is definitely keeping me busy this last month of pregnancy. I'm just waiting for the day I walk in to kitchen to find her on top of the refrigerator, just like in all of the old cartoons!

Val has been in school now working on his master's for the past two weeks and is actually enjoying it. He has some really nice teachers, and the classes aren't too difficult. We have been enjoying the extra time he has been able to be at home. He does so much for all of us! He has even made it possible for me to squeeze in a much needed nap sometimes in the afternoons!

I had another doctor's appointment today. Baby boy's heart rate was good, in the upper 150's and he is still measuring right on track. I'm already dilated some, so things are progressing. We will hope he decides not to make me suffer through the summer heat any past his due date! But I guess if you look at my track record, that may happen! I am enjoying my last month with just my sweet girls and trying to get some last minute projects done before baby #3 decides to make his debut. (26 days and counting!) Life is busy, but good!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The countdown is on....

I had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound yesterday and thought I would give you all a little update. We had the ultrasound (no pics, sorry!) to make sure this little man of ours is positioning himself correctly and to check his size, to ensure I can do another VBAC successfully. Good news is, he is head down already (resting right on my bladder, of course) and he already weighs 5 lbs 14 oz. I'm not sure why that number surprised me so much, I have felt all along like I was bigger this time around than I was with Madelaine. But Lainey was only 6 lb 11 oz, two days overdue and I still have 32 days to go! But we are happy to know he is a healthy, little wiggle worm. His heart rate was about 145 beats per minute, and the girls always enjoy watching the pictures on the ultrasound machine. I've had two occurrences of extreme pain waking me up night during this pregnancy. It felt as though someone had kicked me right in the right kidney, but eventually the pain dissipated--both times within a couple of hours. I mentioned this to my doc, and she said it could be muscle spasms, or perhaps kidney stones. Super. This has never happened to me with either of my prior pregnancies, so I was quite surprised, but she said it's relatively common during pregnancy. At least I know it's nothing serious. When I am pregnant at least, I feel like my mind can turn anything from a minor nothing to a serious problem! Which is funny, because I honestly have textbook pregnancies. We have been very blessed! So the countdown is on. 32 days and counting people! We can't wait to meet our son!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Our big girl!

Aleece got her ears pierced today! It was part of an early birthday present for her, and she did such a great job! She sat super still for the lady piercing her ears, and we only had a few tears. Afterwards she did say it hurt, but just a little bit. Her earrings are daisies with each of the petals being a different color. They are very cute. She had called her Granny earlier in the day and informed her that she had dreamed every day this week of getting her ears pierced. This has been something she has wanted to do, for about a year now, and she proved to us she was old enough to do it! She had to have her ears done one at a time, because there was only one woman working, but we left the final decision up to Aleece. We told her she could come back when they could do both ears at once, or have them done one at a time, and she told us she was ready to have them done individually. Today was her day. As the impending arrival of baby #3 nears I can't help but think of both of my previous pregnancies. It seems like just yesterday that I was discovering I was pregnant with Aleece. Where does the time go? She has turned into a big girl, in what seems to me, to be no time at all! Here are some pictures of Aleece's newly pierced ears. Sorry the quality isn't great, I couldn't seem to get the earrings to show up very well! I'll keep working on it!

Aleece's new earrings.

What a big girl!

Sisters! Best friends!