Saturday, November 29, 2008


What a great week. I love the holidays! This year was the first time we have had Thanksgiving in our own home and we were fortunate enough to have Granny, Grampy and Trey come and celebrate with us. We had so much yummy food, wonderful company and we were able to create some awesome memories. We have so much to be thankful for......our families, our sweet children, our home, the gospel, friendship, love, good health, safety, missionaries (especially Bubba!), and so much more!!! I am so thankful for my amazing husband and for his strength and love. He is my rock! I am so thankful for Aleece--she is so bright and intelligent and she has such a good heart! I am so thankful for Madelaine---she is so sweet and funny and she can always make me laugh. I am so thankful for Lennon--he is such a good natured boy and his smile melts my heart! I have been so blessed in my life and am so grateful I was born into the family I was. My parents are such a great example to me and I am so thankful for their guidance throughout the years. I am so grateful for my awesome sisters and brothers (and in laws)---they continue to amaze me every day.
Our Thanksgiving meal was delicious! The turkey was perfect, the stuffing heavenly, the mashed and sweet potatoes were amazing and the rolls just melted in your mouth. Our bellies were full as well as our hearts!
By the way, there were no surprises this year! ;)
I didn't get up early and do the Black Friday thing. I never have and don't think I ever will. There is just too much craziness involved for me. You all know I love a good deal more than anyone, but that is why most of my Christmas shopping is done already! We did go out later in the morning and thankfully didn't have to fight off as many people, but it was still a madhouse everywhere we went!!!
Unfortunately Granny and Grampy had to go home today, but we have Trey till Monday morning! We miss them so much already and wish we were together all of the time. But we get to see them in 21 days (yes, we are counting!) and we can't wait! Thank you for making our holiday so wonderful!
We hope all of your Thanksgiving celebrations were as wonderful as ours, and that you had time to reflect on all of your many blessings! We sure are thankful for all of you!

our fun turkey creations

our sweet Leecy T

my cute mom and her delicious rolls!

my cute dad carving the turkey

baby brother Trey and our sweet boy Lennon

my amazing hubby, in front of part of our list of things we are thankful for!
beautiful boy Lennon
cute little Lainey bug
Granny, Grampy and Trey
the Moore the merrier!
family pictures thanks to my parents!
it was a feat to get everyone smiling at the same time!
but it worked!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just a thought....

We attended a church activity last night for The Week of the Family here in Memphis, and we were going from one room to another. The girls and I were holding hands and Aleece looks at Val and she says, "This hand has a whole bunch of nothing in it. You can hold it if you want to Dad." How cute can you get?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Night and Day

We went to the doctor today for Lainey's 2 yr and Lennon's 4 month checkups. Lainey weighed in at 21 lb 10 oz and 31 inches tall and is finally on the charts! Hooray! She falls at about the 1-3 percentile! Hey--it's better than nothing! Lennon weighed in at 13 lb 6 oz and is 24 inches tall! He won't be huge either and is falling at approximately the 20-25th percentile. Lainey received her flu shot and Lennon got three immunizations. Lennon didn't even cry after his shots--he is such a good baby! Lainey cried for about 5 seconds and she was good to go! She even had the nurse pick her up as we were getting ready to go and she kept saying to me, "Bye Mommy! See ya later!" She is so friendly to everyone she comes in contact with and you couldn't find anyone who would be your friend more willingly than her if you tried!!! Aleece on the other hand is still incredibly shy around adults! They are like night and day in that regard! She doesn't usually have any issues with kids but she'd rather hide behind mom or dad than say hello to someone she isn't completely familiar with! That is until you get to know her---than she can chat your ear off with all she knows! She has been learning Thanksgiving songs in preschool and I love listening to her teach Lainey everything she has been taught. They are such good friends and I love that they enjoy playing together and spending time with one another. I hope they can always have an amazing relationship just like I have with my cute sisters!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Aleece has known her letters and numbers for quite some time now and her preschool teacher thought it was a good time for her to start learning to read. This last week we have been working on sounding things out, and she loves it when we ask her to spell words for us, like cat, hat, mom, dad, aleece, moore, stop, etc. Well, last night Val was working with her reading a Dick and Jane book, and Aleece came to me and read the first two chapters by herself!!! We are so proud of her! She is so smart! It's crazy to think she is growing up so fast! A video will follow soon, so that you can all share in our excitement!

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Birthday Girl

We had a lot of fun celebrating Lainey bug's second birthday this past weekend. It's hard to believe she is already 2! She got so many nice gifts from everyone! On Saturday we had some of our good friends, the Nobles(thanks for the play-doh, bubbles and foam puzzle!) and the Tibbitts(thanks for the cute hair clips, bracelet and crayons!), join us at Chuck E. Cheese. We enjoyed pizza and played lots of games! It was a great time! On Sunday we had a nice dinner and Lainey got to open lots of presents and eat some yummy birthday cake! She had a Scooby Doo themed birthday and really enjoyed herself. We discovered that she is a lot like her Daddy--she had to have every gift opened right away! She wanted to start playing with everything immediately! Her gifts were all a big hit and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate their kindness, love and support of our family! We just you all could have been here with us to help us celebrate! And you all know we can't just celebrate expect to see more pics when we celebrate again with Granny, Grampy and Trey in a few weeks when they come to visit! We can't wait!
Daddy and Lainey at Chucke Cheese
Lainey, Daddy and Leecy
Mommy and Lennon
Natalie and Emmy
Quinn and Porter
Shauna and Corbin
Emmy and Lainey playing away
Leecy and Hyrum enjoying the rides
Lainey being silly
Lainey with her birthday poster
Our sweet two year old!
Lainey wearing her cute apron from Mary Rose and Adam and talking on her fun new Dora phone from Katchie and Jeff! Thanks you guys!
Lainey with her cuddly Curious George and Curious George book from Patty and Eric! Thank you!
CANDY! from Granny and Grampy!
Cinderella mega blocks from Granny, Grampy and Trey! She calls them her Boppidi Boo and Cinderella toys! Too cute! Thanks so much!
Sisters and friends!
Listening to her new MP3 player from Mommy and Daddy! It was a big hit!
Mommy and Lainey
Daddy and Lennon
Lainey's giant cupcake cake complete with Scooby Doo paw prints.
Blowing out her candle!
3 Cute Kids!!!
Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lainey bug

After a week filled with utter chaos, I finally have a quiet moment to myself, albeit incredibly late, and I really should be asleep. But today was Madelaine's 2nd birthday, and I have been sitting and going through memories in my head, from the day she was born, her first smile, when she started to walk, when she first said mama, when she learned to climb, the first time she sang "Tomorrow".....the list could go on and on. Lainey has the sweetest smile, an infectious laugh, she loves to climb and she is busy, busy, busy! She sure does keep me on my toes! I don't know what I would do without her. She brings so much joy and laughter into our home and we love her dearly! She loves to read books, sing, imitate her big sister and play with her baby dolls. She loves shoes and she is so smart. I love that she can entertain herself and that she can make herself laugh! I love that she is so silly and that she can make me smile, even if I don't feel like it! Lainey loves to talk on the phone (especially to her Granny) and she loves to run! She is still tiny and petite, but there is so much of her to love! We are so grateful she is part of our family! We love you little Lainey bug! Happy birthday my sweetheart!