Thursday, August 23, 2007

Couldn't resist....

So the other night we were sitting in our living room, trying to relax. Aleece was not having any of it! She had a ton of energy and was talking non stop. Val finally told her to "zip it", to which she responded, "no, shh it." When she first said it, it totally took us by surprise. We didn't know where she learned a word like that from. Well, she said it again, and when we finally figured it out, we couldn't stop laughing. How thankful we are she doesn't have a potty mouth, she's just a child who hasn't learned proper grammar skills yet! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some zoo pics

Granny and Lainey bug
Trey and the girls!
Mommy and her girls!
the end of our zoo adventure
the infamous white alligator! It was awesome!

We had a fantastic time!


Aleece loves the show Go Diego Go. Mainly, this is because she loves animals. It doesn't matter what kind, she loves them all! One of her favorites to talk about is the pygmy marmoset. Well, all of her aunts and uncles love to hear her describe them, and so they always ask, "What is a pygmy marmoset?" She will then respond, "they have really sharp teeth and are really tiny and big." This cracks them up everytime. It took us awhile to understand what she meant, but every time it showed a picture of the marmosets, there was a baby marmoset with it's parent. Hence, the tiny and big part. Uncle Trey was out visiting us this week, and asked the above question and Aleece gave her typical response. To this Trey said, "You know that is an oxymoron." Aleece looked him straight in the eye and replied, "No, that is a monkey!"
Kid's say the darndest things! I love it!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We don't know where she gets this stuff from!!!

Aleece continues to crack us up on a regular basis. This week she has caught me off-gaurd a number of times with some of the things she has been saying. Among my favorites are.....
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" (to Granny on the phone)
"Pardon me, madam." (in church)
"Do you want a piece of me?" (to Daddy-visualize her with her hands in fists! Like when she used to pretend to be the cowardly lion.....put 'em up!)

She made Sunday dinner a circus act for all of us this evening as well. She amused everyone by pretending to be Diego, from Go Diego Go. She began this ruse once she found out we were having turkey for dinner. She then used her pretend video watch to alert Diego's sister Alecia that the turkeys were in trouble and they needed to be rescued! Mind you she ate every bite of turkey on her plate! She then went on to show of her pretend Rescue pack and made us all repeat the noises she did on her search for the endangered turkies.

How can two little girls bring us so much joy?! It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, all I have to do is look at our two beautiful girls, and I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be a mom! I am so glad I had such a wonderful example and someone I always wanted to emulate! Thanks mom!

Lainey is still all smiles, all of the time! She is such a happy baby. She is also a mama's girl, and doesn't like me to be out of her sight for even a moment! I have to be completely honest though and admit that I really don't mind. Leecy and Lainey are so much fun to watch. I love to see them interact! I know I won't go a day without laughing!

Val is still on the job hunt. One of these days we are bound to find a good job. In the meantime keep us in your prayers!

I am just busy loving my girls! I tell you, there is no better job!