Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is what several long days/weeks of packing and moving does to you!  This poor boy was exhausted and this is how he insisted on falling asleep during nap time.  (no crib, it's packed)  And I sure wasn't going to refuse a short break from the monotony and boring tasks I've been doing!  :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


This little cutie thinks it's hilarious to hide in the girls armoire now that it's emptied out as we are packing stuff up!  I have to admit, I'd much rather open it up to this sweet face instead of a bunch of toys any day! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012


This is what kids helping pack looks like!  Oh so helpful! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mouse trap

We got this game as a gift a while ago and haven't gotten around to playing it till now!  The girls decided this would be a good way to start summer vacation!  So we put the boys to bed and started playing!  Lainey won this round and both girls had a blast!  Hooray for summer!

School's out!

Today was the girls last day of school!  Let summer officially begin!  Lainey loved her pre-k teacher this year, Ms. Fritz, and we did too!  She really helped Lainey excel this year!  We are excited for summer, but it's always hard to say goodbye to your friends and teachers!  We are so grateful for all that teachers do!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A few days later...

After a few days in the hospital, Aleece is feeling much better!  Not 100%, but definitely better than she has been.

Thank you Granny and Grampy for the adorable bear and to everyone else who sent gifts and checked up on her!  It's so nice to know you have the unconditional love and support of your family!  We are truly blessed with the amazing family we have!

Poor Aleece has missed 6 1/2 days of school, but luckily it doesn't affect our little smartie pants! :)  She still made the honor roll and got a cute little trophy!  This week is the last week of school and she hopes to makes it back tomorrow and the last half day. She made it a half day today, but was exhausted at that point, so we checked her out.

We were lucky enough to have about a 3 year gap from the last time she was hospitalized and here's to hoping it will be a long, long time never happen again!


For the 2nd time in her life Aleece had to take a ride in the ambulance.  They picked her up from the pediatrician's office and took her straight to the ER.  

Poor Leecy T started to not feel well a week ago Saturday.  We were out running errands and when we got home I took her temperature, only to discover she had a pretty good fever.  Sunday morning (Mother's Day) she said she was feeling a little better and she went to church.  A small group of about 10 primary kids (Aleece and Madelaine included) sang a special musical number in Relief Society, "I Often Go Walking".  Aleece even had a little solo.  She has come SUCH a long way in her journey to overcome her fear of being in front of people.  It was so beautiful and I was so proud of the girls.  I know now that Aleece, probably didn't feel 100%, but she came and sang for me anyways, because of Mother's Day.  She is such a good girl.  

As Sunday progressed, Aleece started to feel yuckier and yuckier and her fever came back.  She stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday and on Tuesday night one of our home teacher's came over and helped Val give her a blessing.  On Wednesday when I went in to wake the girls for school, Aleece's eyes were bright red and she was kind of gasping for air. We had been treating her for the past several days with breathing treatments (she had also had a cough), but this worried me, so I called and got her an appointment for as soon as I could.  At her doctor's appointment, she had another fever and her oxygen was about 93 (it is supposed to be 100 at room air).  So they gave her a breathing treatment and checker her again.  This time it was 94, but she was still wheezing, so they gave her some steroids and another breathing treatment.  Strangely, when they checked her after that, her oxygen was even lower at about 88-89.  So not safe!  So they called an ambulance to come and take her to the ER.  I had the boys with me (Lainey was at school), so I called Val and asked if he could leave work right away.  He did and came and picked the boys up from the pediatrician's office shortly after I left (they couldn't ride in the ambulance with us--no seatbelts). Luckily the pediatrician's office said they were well behaved!  

In the ER they started an IV (took 2 tries--she has some awful bruises) and took a chest x-ray, which showed she had pnuemonia.  They gave her 2, hour long breathing treatments, which were less then fun.  She had to wear a mask the entire 2 hours and it still didn't really help, so they checked her into the hospital.  The hospital is the same one I had Harrison at, and is very nice. The nurses were all sweet and attentive.  The only problem is you don't get much rest in a hospital.  They are literally coming and going ALL day AND night long.  They treated Aleece with antibiotics, steroids, iv fluids, and breathing treatments.  Her oxygen was still pretty low and she kept setting off the alarm.  They had to do some bloodwork one of the days as well, and so they had to poke her again.  On Friday evening one of the dr's from our pediatricians office came and checked on her.  They asked her if she wanted to stay another night.  Aleece most definitely did not.  Her oxygen still wasn't where they wanted it, but we were allowed to go home.  We have been medicating her and giving her breathing treatments every four hours, and we took her back to the doctor yesterday.  She still has some junk in her lungs, but the wheezing is pretty much gone and she is improving every day.  It's so hard to watch your children in pain!

Our ward family has taken amazing care of us.  They provided us with dinner two nights and two of my friends helped watch the boys.  The boys actually were at the hospital all of Thursday morning and they were having a hay day with all of the buttons!  So I was extremely grateful when one of my friends volunteered to watch them.  It was a huge blessing.  

Our wonderful family has been great at checking up on her too and it really made us miss having Granny and Grampy so close.  We were definitely spoiled for the year they were here!  We are so anxious to get to see them in less than two weeks!  Yay!

Field day!

I was lucky enough to get to help out at Lainey's field day this month!  They had lots of fun games and activities, like scooter races, an obstacle course, lots of water activities, music, and more!  Lainey had a blast!  The weather was beautiful and I love ANY opportunity I get to spend time with my kids!  Doesn't she have the most adorable smile?!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Sock hop!

The girls school had a sock hop last night.  The kid's got to dance and run around and each of the grades also performed a dance routine they had been working on.  The kids had an absolute blast as you can see from their smiles!  And let me tell you Lennon has some pretty sweet dance moves!  He was out there dancing the ENTIRE time!  It was awesome!

Field trip!

Aleece had her 2nd grade field trip today and I was lucky enough to get to chaperone!  We went and saw "Born to be Wild" at the Imax theater in Memphis.  Such a cute film!  We got to learn all about 2 different women's rescue efforts of orphaned elephants and orangutans.  I think I heard every child say that they wanted one or the other (or both) of those animals as a pet as we excited the theater!  They were pretty dang cute!  So glad I get to participate in these fun activities with my sweet children.  It's so fun to watch them interact with their friends! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


People always say Aleece and I look alike (which we do), but I don't often hear that about Lainey and I.  I never realized how much we look alike until I took this picture today.  (I'd say poor girl, but I happen to think she is beautiful!)  That smile melts me every time!